Tuesday, December 04, 2007


the weather is forecast to be sunny spells with the odd, rare squally shower and they said we'd be hard done by if we get wet. hope that's right, as friend who was going to come and operate camera (and provide wagon if needed) can't as she's got a very serious chest infection and had to have an ECG today - very scary as she's a good 20 years younger than me....

also, today's weather was, by tonight, total pants - warm, but huge gales. car got a tree bit glance off the windscreen whilst driving home from the yard, that was scary!

today, new anja beran dvd arrived - bought it off ebay - and found that this laptop will play it. a criticism already - she gets on from the ground! but, can see it's going to be good. and, discovered it'll play on this laptop!


Jean said...

We've had some nasty wind too.

So sorry about your friend. I hope she is OK and recovers quickly.

Sounds as if the weather will work for you, though. Have a good time.

Muriel said...

Bad wind too .. is it a global gale???

Sad for your friend. So you cannot go to your lesson then???