Thursday, July 08, 2010

too tired....

due to waking up at about 03.45 this morning .. i managed not to be sick.

don't know what that was about but gaynor texted me that she'd been sent home from work due to being ill all over, then someone said this evening that they'd had a bit of tum, so maybe some bug going round .if that's the case i got off lightly (touch wood)

but anyway, by close of working day i was FAR too tired to think about doing anything sensible with Molly, so i didn't try.

i did, however, get my foot stood on by yearling shetland - i was standing next to her talking to her owner when she moved .. and landed on my right foot, which was not booted, only had my crocs on .. thank goodness she IS only a yearling shetland!


Ednovean Farm said...

Ouch what a day but did i read on the EE site (must renew sub) a happy Birthday was in order if so

happy Birthday!!!

please delete if under cover

Christine and Danni

Jean said...

Ouchers. Yearling or not, that's still painful. Hope your foot and tummy both recover without incident--and quickly too.

Claire said...

do you know, Christine, i clean forgot to mention that on here!

course the large, late dinner at the local new restaurant will have been relevant as well (but since i didn't drink anything, not hugely so..)

Jean said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you feel a year younger. *G*

Di said...

Happy Birthday Claire!!

Danni said...

Happy Birthday!

Hope you feel better soon, bet the last thing you needed was a hoof squishing your foot, even if it was only a diddy baby pony!