Saturday, July 03, 2010

started the work plan

longlined out

and molly was very good; one full turn round (she'd spotted the half open gate before i had, and i was about to trip over a hole so couldn't stop her without turning an ankle!) and another moment later .. but generally excellent.

and we had unexpected company - one of the girls was tacking up and came out with us - hadn't even known anyone would be there, of course! and poor partner, who had come with me for the walk out and to see what there was, got left behind as despite being a staunch walker with her walking group, couldn't keep up, LOL.

and molly seems a lot more settled in her stable now - knew exactly where she was going back to when we came back from the longlining.

and turns out RI is at yard twice a week, so i can start lessons in a couple of weeks or so and that'll fit in well.

rock on.


Jean said...

Poor partner. You must really move on when you long line Molly! Keep it up and you will be super fit.

Molly must be feeling quite at home if she was so keen about getting back to the stable. Nice to hear she's happy there.

trudi said...

What an excellent start! I think Molly is going to enjoy life at the new yard!