Monday, July 26, 2010

dodgy eye and no bit...

fortunately I've already arranged for the vet to come Wednesday to look at her teeth, as when molly came in tonight her eye is a bit swollen and hot and there was red where there should be white; guess the flies have been at something, she now has her fly mask on (hope she keeps it on, it's a few years since she's worn one, as she used to be a dab hand at getting them off.

she wouldn't take the bit, even with her favourite feed as a treat, so we went bitless - and she was very responsive tonight, lots of circles and diagonals in a half decent trot, and i was able to slow it, and stop, with my seat, so more progress.

then a friend was taking her gelding back to his field, which involves going down the track towards the hacking area, so i followed; even more impressively, i was able to open the arena gate without getting off, well pleased with that!


Jean said...

What is the problem with the bit, I wonder? Hope you can figure it out. Although bitless is OK, it's still not quite the same for dressage.

I actually think my guys are appreciating the fly masks. I haven't needed them in the past, but this year the flies are voracious.

Danni said...

There are some fab fly masks out there now, if they're needed they sure are appreciated.

Hope the dentist visit is a positive one and there's nothing untoward happening, although it would be good to have a definitive answer!

bellecroix said...

Fly Masks in the NE...... are you avin a laugh ;-) tee hee