Saturday, July 24, 2010

big scary model strawberry

and loads of parked cars round ig.

Me? go down that track when i can see that big scary strawberry, the parked cars and a field of horses between me and them? No, shan't, she said.

drat. and i had to get someone to hold her head whilst i got on.

on the other hand, when we went back in the arena, trot is starting to really come together, and the good note to finish was two proper steps of rein back. (and yes, i did walk her forward before getting off).

the but went in with a handful of her feed, which she loves.

friend is going to lend me a KK Ultra to try

we're going to double check her teeth, even though it's not that long since they were done, so that's an appointment to make monday.

now off out - to see Roseanne Cash at the Sage Gateshead. should be a good night!


Jean said...

The KK bit might work well with her. The only caveat for my Boys is that they prefer the eggbutt rings as it keep this bit more still in their mouths so they take a better contact.

I'll be interested to hear if Molly likes it.

Strawberry?? Doesn't this deserve a picture??

Danni said...

Good stuff! Hope the bit proves to be a good solution and that all teeth are ok.