Sunday, July 04, 2010

more gales.

but at least it was dry after a half hearted attempt at rain this morning...

so rope circling in the arena.

the arena is on the way in from the field, so we went straight into it (that task required nothing more than the rope halter!)

she did think about throwing a paddy, but thought better of it

a shade onward bound, but given the wind i wasn't too worried about that (her alternative is usually walk verging on halt, when she doesn't want to do anything!) and got her going i the direction i wanted (including reverse); need work on teh standing still when told, but again, the wind doesn't help.

so quite pleased.

she's not keen when i'm out of sight if she's in the stable, but that's not a huge problem - i was in the car, which she could see, but don't think she realised, LOL

and before that helped gaynor move her rubber mats, which are a heavier proposition than mine by a long shot


Mary Lou said...

Those mats can be really heavy! Be careful.

We had that wind today too and it feels cooler this evening. Good night for sleeping.

Jean said...

Unbearable heat here...I envy the wind.

I agree about the mats. Just don't overdo. You need to be fit and sound to work your girl.