Sunday, July 25, 2010

this free jumping malarkey

is quite good fun, if strenuous when there's only one person to direct!

she liked the hooley around she indulged in when i misdirected her (or rather, failed to direct her at all!) but made some quite nice efforts

started off with lowish poles either side of the arena, to be taken either direction, and finished with one larger jump - not huge, you get me, 3 pole pods high, with a pole in front one pole pod high, butted against the fence one side and with a couple of poles at an angle the other side to help keep her on track - and once i got the direction right, she made a couple of good efforts at that


Jean said...

I have them jump on the lunge line so I can direct better. But, if you do that, you need to put slide poles on the jump standards so the line doesn't get caught.

Free jumping is great for the horse. It makes her use her back, use her brain, and hooley around just for the fun of it!!

Claire said...

i find we pull each other out of balance if i jump her with the lunge line this is better that way!

Mary Lou said...

Sounds like great fun for Molly and it's fascinating to watch them jump free. I didn't see this but once Tetley was turned out in a jump field. He got excited and ran around and went over the jumps that were set up all by himself, just for the fun of it.