Monday, July 12, 2010

first ride since move...

and i must remember, on Mondays, to bring molly in a good half hour later than i otherwise would; on Mondays, the people in the next stable take their horse to Richmond, and molly seems to find the loading process for the horse quite upsetting - the horse loads very nicely, never any trouble, so i can only suppose that molly either thinks she should go to, or just generically doesn't like seeing other horses loaded. weird.

anyway, that resulted in much bouncing round the box, and she didn't really settle despite having her massage pad on (which she likes)

after than, it took me ages to get her bit in, a right performance.

saddle? got a new pad for it - a smart panel, which is similar to the suberpanel but made by Cashel and specifically a high wither fit. it was a birthday present from partner. it was christened on Saturday in Nottingham, under a barefoot Cheyenne, when it felt fine.

under the vogue today, it felt like a brick. This MAY have been something to do with it being a bit nippy and i should have warmed the saddle up. AND I felt all to one side...although the saddle hadn't moved!

I think I need to try and move the cork filling about a bit and i will persist with it as i need to find something that doesn't involve shimming ...

anyway, got one after a couple of "right go and work circles if you won't stand" moments - TBF, she did have 3 days off! with our weekend away...

so then 1/2 hour walking, circles, half voltes - it was her first time ridden in the arena, so power walking and trying to trot occasionally was the order of the day..

halt was a bit of a problem, so i was riding with the lead rope in my hand for 15 minutes till someone came past - funny, she'd stop for that!

i need to solve the bit issue; the treats i'm using aren't having the desired effect, it may be the bit, but it's more likely just her! and i put my hat on after the second bitting attempt on safety grounds!

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Jean said...

Hope the pad works and isn't too stiff for a treeless saddle. Some of the old pads I have just don't work well with the Ansur.

All and all, not a dreadful day with your girl, but she was rather distracted. Hopefully she will be more settled today.