Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a new bit?

possibly might be needed.

I've been wondering for a while - you all know of the trouble i have getting a bit in her mouth!

and whilst I know that a 5" is too wide, i wonder also if the 4 1/2" is a shade narrow?

anyhoo, trimmer was out today, and stopped to chat for a bit after the feet were done, whilst i was tacking up, and she helped with the bitting performance - she also wondered if it was a shade narrow .... only a shade, though!

she suggested Nueu Schule (they're based about 30 miles away) and said that if necessary they can make one specially for the horse

also, there's a bit bank run by someone who trained there, and she comes out, so I've sent her an email asking her to do just that...

if I can find a bit she'll accept without a fight every time, and that she'll then work in, we'll be getting further!

Molly's feet were fine, trimmer very happy with them but suggests i put some linseed into her to keep the feet more moist (she says, better to put it inside, than outside!)

Rode after that; not as good as the other day, the trot was ok left rein but not right rein; the arena was a shade boggy at one end after all that rain last night

walk, however, is coming on nicely, and we're starting to make a small amount of progress on sideways and rein back...


Danni said...

You can get bits in 4.75in width can't you?

This is just my experience and humble opinion, but be careful of the quality of the NS bits. I used them for a while with Quadi and found the metal too soft and prone to spurs in the metal through usual wear and tear. I also used to use a model which was recalled because the barrel in the middle was weak and prone to breakage, something my friend discovered whilst riding out on her horse in a similar NS bit! I'm sure they've sorted out the latter issue and some horses love the soft metal. And Molly is rather particular about bits ;)

Linseed's fab stuff :D Great news about the lateral work too!

Claire said...

not myler though, that i can see, in 4 3/4

Danni said...

You can get them in 4.75in mouthpieces, I think they can make most of their bits in this width but it's not a popular size. I saw one on eBay, as a for instance:

If they're what you and she prefer it might be worth emailing them directly? Quadi's in a Myler and going great guns since we switched to it. Although he's never been tricky with a bit, he does have a fleshy tongue and a low pallete (sp?) so not the easiest of mouths to fit to.

Claire said...

the dealer says that they make them, but don't import them to the UK, so i would have to buy from a US site..

Sydney_bitless said...

If you could tell me a few things about your horses mouth I could help you select a bit for the mouth conformation type. I need to know/see pictures (pictures are best) how high her hard palate is, how thick her tongue is and how wide her jaw is. This will go into determining what thickness, type of metal, join and length. Although I am 100% an advocate for bitless riding I do understand some people want to show and some shows do not allow bitless etc. this is where the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer comes into play. I know and have had quite a lot of pratice sizing bits to know how well they do and do not work with what type of mouth. Helps explain bitless a lot better.
I would love to help you either gimme a ring at my blog or e-mail me

Jean said...

It seems you have gotten a lot of useful replies already, so there's not much I can add. I have seen 4 3/4 bit widths in many brands. But obviously the trick is to find the right mouthpiece for Molly.

My horses seem happiest in the losenge snaffles with egg butt cheek pieces. I haven't experimented with much else, so I can't be of assistance otherwise.