Wednesday, July 07, 2010

standing still

tonights lesson was to re-establish/ensure standing still at the mounting block

so 10 minutes rope circling, ensuring she would go back/forwards, first,

then after one attempt and thus some repeat work, she stood still at the mounting block in the arena - twice - without moving and whilst i leant over

and then the same with it placed in the corner of the arena (but required a shade more work after some movement the first time i stood her at it)

then i thought i'd try the same at the tall mounting block.

this was a shade more difficult - it's not in the arena, and can't be moved!

first time, backed off it and round

2nd time - good! stood, i climbed to the very top of it, leant over, still stood.


i MIGHT get on tomorrow - depends on the weather, if it's the same howling gale as today i might not!


Jean said...

Good work. Sounds like exactly what you needed to do. I remember far too well how much difficulty you used to have trying to mount your girl. This is great progress.

Sydney_bitless said...

Sounds like your doing things right.

By the way, would you be interested in being a guest blogger and telling the viewers of the bitless horse blog your bitless journey? E-mail me if you are interested