Wednesday, March 04, 2009

whoo.... busy day!

but productive, business wise.

horse wise, Molly was ridden by RI as I knew I wouldn't have time. I haven't seen her yet and her phone's not on, but the report left for me is that Molly was on the bit, working well, soft, through, etc... don't know if canter was attempted, and no doubt will get a full report tomorrow.

ordered office supplies online - they sent me 4GB usb's, when I'd ordered and paid for 2GB usb's (back up for system data, as recommended) - so i've told them this, will be interesting to see what they do!


Jean said...

Wouldn't it be nice if they let you keep the 4G's for the same price. Sending good vibes for that.

Hope to hear a good Molly report from RI. Sounds good so far. Truly good to keep hearing of her wonderful progress.

Claire said...

they did say i could keep the 4GB sticks....said they'd been sent in substitution and thanked me for my honesty (one wonders if it was a test of some sort?)