Wednesday, March 25, 2009

was it worth it?

Probably not.

Actually managed to ride today ... didn't take my schooling stick, a conscious decision as I usually end up putting it down somewhere.

but we couldn't really get going at all, in trot. walk was nice virtually all the time, but i could not get the trot right. i was wrong, she was wrong ... whether it would have been assisted had i had the schooling whip to start, I don't know.... but since it was clear i wasn't going to get anywhere for whatever reason, i made sure we finished on a nice note and called it a day very quickly.

and we have a new cat. My friend is moving house and not allowed to take her cat with her, so we have him.

he's not quite as big as he looks in this pic, and it's a very small pic as taken on friend's mobile phone...


Jean said...

Oh, a ginger kitty. Love him. I think he is going to be spoiled.

Some days you need the whip and some days you don't. But one of my trainers used to say, "Always carry the tools. You never know whether or not you will need them and when you do, better to have them in hand." (or something like that. *G*)

trudi said...

Lovely puss, what's his name?

Di said...

Ooh, love the cat!!

Yes, it was worth it. You will appreciate the good work even more.

Danni said...

Hope your next schooling session is more productive, with or without the schooling whip. Perhaps carrying it doesn't do much for Molly but helps your attitude knowing it's there?

Cute kitty!