Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I had every intention of lunging tonight.

turned Molly out this morning - don't think she was too impressed, despite the fact that it was dry and stayed dry all day, when i left she was hanging round the gate expecting to be brought in again! hah! she'll stay in tomorrow.

but time I got back it had go SOO cold - not much of a wind, but out in it it was really through you, and by the time i'd got Molly, her field companion, and the lone gelding from the next field in i couldn't feel my head... and molly was only interested in her tea. so that's what she got.

had an intensive morning - 2 hour phone call, software installation and training - then went to collect new denture seems to be fine compared to previous versions.

and didn't get lunch till really late ... busy day!


trudi said...

oh well, seems like a busy day without working Molly. I'm sure Moo is a pain working in the late afternoon for the same reason...its tea time in his mind.

Jean said...

Icy cold here too. I hate the fluctuating temperatures. Makes me worry about the Boys' having to acclimate themselves over and over. I don't blame Molly for wanting to be in. I'd prefer a nice shelter and a comfy bed myself if I were a horse.

Danni said...

I just hate that feeling where you could splinter you are so cold! Definitely better to get home and be warm after such a busy day, your head must be spinning!