Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the calming effect of a bad ride on a bad temper

very odd. normally a bad ride make a bad temper worse, but i concentrated on the work, and found i'd calmed down (also of course concentrated on not feeling bad tempered).

and why was i bad tempered?

firstly, partner had promised to come home promptly from work i.e. at 5 so we could have an early tea then i could ride and she could go off to her choir. should have been home for 5.20. turned up at after 6 ....

then when i got to the yard, the children had the worst radio station in the world on at full volume, which i hate (can't bear the radio station, and full volume is painful).

then molly started cow kicking when i was trying to brush her belly - again!

this time i pulled her out, put the pressure halter on and backed her up and down the aisle. and i got her belly groomed with no further grief!

tacked up and got on and walked round whilst i did some deep breathing. then trot work. still, left rein lovely, right rein pants. right rein getting worse! and yet i'm not conscious of changing anything about my position between the one rein and the other. i was out for about 1/2 hour if not longer, lost track of time.

so MUST text RI and sort out a lesson.

and have to think hard about grazing issues, on which we have a problem (due in large part to the water boards activities last year, they haven't reseeded that area of land yet - hopefully they'll do it soon! but even if they do, it won't be ready for this season of course, and possibly not for next...

edited to add: i think on right rein i am blocking somehow with my thighs. and on left rein i keep my hands settled (one reason it's going well that rein, i expect!) but not on the right.


Jean said...

Glad to know the ride settled you. I have to be careful not to take my work emotions into the saddle myself. Usually, Tucker is a good reminder for that as he does not tolerate a bad attitude from me very well.

It may well be Molly as much as you on the right rein, but I think RI will straighten it all out pretty quickly.

Nicola said...

Sounds like being fired up helped you!Im no good working with Polo when im like that cos I get too drawn in and emotional.With AliG I seem more able to focus and it calms me down for sure.

Claire said...

usually i don't ride when i'm in a temper but i really worked hard on calming myself down!

jean, you may be right, but I'm not sure!

trudi said...

Just a thought Claire but could you be a little overweighted to the left, could you need a slight adjustment of more weight into the right stirrup? Just a thought but like Jean says RI will sort it all out.

Cabruze said...

Hi Claire!

Prompted by you, I've returned to the blogosphere!!

I love our peaceful, quiet barn!! Neighbouring barn much more noisy so I can sympathise! Well done for your emotional fitness!!