Thursday, March 26, 2009

halifax, west yorkshire

was the venue for the day trip for partner's birthday.

we visited the Piece Hall, which is amazing.

we then went to Bankfield Museum, which was fascinating. an embroidery exibition with pieces dating back to early 1600's, and stuff from all round the world; the Duke of Wellington's REgiment Museum, stuff about Edith Durham, of whom I'd not previously heard but clearly had a fascinating life, and then went to Dean Clough, but didn't really have time to look at the galleries there, so I guess we'll go back at some point.

Then stopped at a pub in Masham on the way home for dinner .. sorry to say, I had to make a complaint. I'd asked for steak pie, but what I got was carrot with a bit of steak, rather than steak with a bit of carrot. tasty, and hasn't put me off the pub (chef, apparently, was mortified)

Left all done for Molly to be brought in tonight, and hope it wasn't wet up here - in Yorkshire, sunshine was interspersed with wintry showers...


trudi said...

Hope it was a good one for the birthday girl, shame about the pie but sounds a good day out.

Jean said...

Wow, sounds like a cool day. Not sure I could tour all of those places myself before the knees would give out, but it surely must have been fascinating.

Wish the birthday girl a happy one from me!