Monday, March 02, 2009


it's amazing how we are both improving

it was funny tonight though. I was trotting round (Molly prepared to work much sooner in a session than used to be the case, and was feeling good!) and fellow owner came over to watch and said how good she was looking. I'd been thinking whilst she felt good but i felt really odd.....right leg felt as though it was everywhere ... eventually worked out, that stirrup was set 1 hole longer than it should have been ... duh.

after that sorted out continued to get some nice work, Molly definitely getting stronger. Did some walk/trot/walk/trot transitions, that was cool

the plan for alternative day turnout might not work out - apparently its forecast to rain all day tomorrow, which is a shame the land was really drying out.. :-(


English Rider said...

How cool to have a problem that can be as easily solved as stirrup length.

Jean said...

Great going again. As predicted, once the horse learns the concept, the training progresses really quickly.

You may reach a plateau at some point, so don't be disappointed. Again, it'a part of the learning curve. Horse and rider get in a groove, the basics solidify and off you go again.

I am so happy for you. You have worked long and hard to earn that compliment from a fellow boarder!

trudi said...

brilliant Claire, everything is really faling into place for you.

Di said...

Claire, you just need to book the nice weather for your turnout days..... oh, but then you need the nice weather for your riding days...hmmmm