Friday, March 06, 2009

jean is right

I do need to up my game.

some of this, of course, is that Molly knows I'm not as good (I'm certainly not the rider I was when i had queenie, but hey...)

anyway, rode today and did get some nice trot, if I could only keep myself right she'd be a lot more consistent. need some lunge lessons, therefore need a horse upon which to have same.

But why is it Molly DOESN'T pretend she has a sore in her girth area for RI, DOES take her bit no problem from RI, and DOES let herself be mounted from the proper mounting block by the fence for RI

but not for me.

As I said to RI tonight on the subject of moutning, if she walks off from the main moutning block (which she did three times) I have no way of giving her an immediate consequence in the way of hard work round it, as it is on the fenceline and i'm too busy catching her again (if I hold on I'd be pulled off the top, not a good move). so I'll carry on using my own small one, which we've cracked.

I did try when i first went into the arena, as i knew RI had succeeded without any effort Wednesday, but she was setting her jaw before we got there and moveher butt away - i gave up and went got my own small block, went back to it later after i'd ridden. so on that go round, the first tiem, she stood .. i tought i'd do some more to reinforce it, and it went wrong again.

so my last thing was getting on from my own small block, not a problem.


English Rider said...

Can you team up on that naughty beast? With two people and some repetitive mounting exercises. Also coming back to it after working her so that her resistance is lowered. Manners are for safety as well as convenience. Who is in charge there?
Hope this doesn't "T" you off. You sound assertive in other ways but this does not.

Jean said...

You have come so far in the last year. The problems you now face are nothing compared to what you have been through.

I have every confidence in you. Now all you need is to have every confidence in yourself. Calm and assertive with and absolute conviction that you are capable is going to send a clear message to Miss Molly. I'd wager that is exactly how RI handles her.

And remember, RI does not have a history, so she simply expects Molly will behave. That's what you need to do.

More progress regardless. And your dedication was praiseworthy. I still haven't ridden since my February break.

English Rider said...

I read Jean's comment and realized I know nothing of that which you have already tried. Did some back-reading of your posts. You have obviously worked hard. Love the photos of Molly. My you have been blogging a long time. Please excuse my presumption. :)

Claire said...

no problem

there's one marked "history" that i've tagged, and you can read the previous blog as well, the link is there and last i looked (earlier this year) the blog was still there.

Di said...

This is just a little blip, I'm sure. Some groundwork will help enormously, I'm finding that out with Anky. You will start to gain her trust and respect. Hope I'm not teaching grandma to suck eggs......

Claire said...

di, you go read the history as well, LOL!

trudi said...

lol, Claire, Jean IS right your RI doesn't have the history, you almost expect it (been there and done that one!!)so it self fulfills. I reckon you are getting very close, steel yourself.

English Rider said...

Thanks for the history.