Sunday, March 15, 2009

now tell me

after 40 odd years of riding, how come I have a sore on the inside of my left knee, at the top of the boot, and have never had one before?

i shouldn't have ridden today, but did (didn't really think about the fact that I shouldn't, until after about 10 minutes when said sore made itself more sore... half chaps, not boots today)

Anyway, I was much more effective about getting molly to listen to me and in consequence we got better work sooner.

i also took my stirrups up a hole.....that has hugely sorted the leg. Partly brought on by the fact that the chaps felt quite slippy on the saddle and for some reason my leg felt as though it was longer and losing place more than it does usually ....

anyway, had a good day.

here's a pic from yesterday that Louise took - chopped off all the extraneous scenery!

and, if anyone can tell me why Molly's ears are like this:

i'd be grateful. we were in trot at the time....

and one last one:

I know i'm looking down and shouldn't be....


Di said...

Oooh Claire, what a beautiful horse. You do make a lovely picture together.
I think Mollies saying "watch out for that low-flying plane!!"

Well done you!!

Di said...

I'd also like to know how you get your pics to go where you want them in your text.

Claire said...

di, we didn't used to look like this!

and to get photos where you want them - once you've uploaded them, right click on the photo, cut, then move the cursor to where you want it, and paste (control+v). The alternative is to drag them down into position, but that's not as efficient, i don't find. it's a pain, isn't it - whatever I do, when I upload they end up at the top of the post and I have to move them.

also, when you upload photos, tell blogger whether you want the text to wrap or not...

Jean said...

Wow, Claire, what a difference in the two of you! Molly looks absolutely fantastic. Honestly!

Could be the photo caught her just before and ear flick, or else she is concentrating very hard.

Which shows up in her work. Now we can see the quality of her trot. And what a nice rounded back. You should be so absolutely proud of yourself and her.

Maybe your breeches had a little wrinkle going into the boot, or the seam was lying just there. Then the stirrup leather would cause a pinch. If it's chafed, a bandage will help. What you want is something next to your skin that will not move. Some people will wrap a polo bandage on to avoid chafes. I doubt it was something more serious with the boots themselves.

And, oh, yes, if you were using your leg differently, that too could contribute.

Super, super job! *VBWG*

Claire said...

thanks Jean.

You see why I've persevered with her ... I knew her paces are fantastic ....

Lot more work to do to get it consistent for both of us all the time

there were some canter pics as well with RI up, but you know how hard it is to get a canter shot ... she looks downhill in all of them, even though she wasn't!

trudi said...

Brilliant, both of you and no wonder you're pleased with her!! What a change since I lat saw pics!! Wish we had smileys, I'd be double clicking some thumbs up.