Tuesday, March 10, 2009


RI was riding at the same time, schooling someone else's horse ... good for us to work round.

Again had some nice stuff, but some not. and Molly was distracted, a shade (not to total not listening, but distracted...)

At one point she wanted to canter, and RI said why didn't I whilst she was there, but I declined - I want her to canter Molly first, and I want to work more on my riding, in particular my legs! which are getting somewhat better, but i want them more inclined to stay put in trot before i start cantering again (don't want another broken foot)

So I'll have another lesson soon, and possibly RI will school molly whilst I'm away on a training course next week.

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Jean said...

If you didn't feel safe about the canter, it was probably Ok, but sometimes, when the horse offers, it's just good to let them go. But the time will come....soon, I hope.