Tuesday, March 16, 2010

rope circling....

the field has dried up enough to be useable for work!

so i did, given that Charlie was in. for this work, it's more sensible in there than out in the park, as it's a confined space

thought some back to basics rope circling would also be a useful use of time, as we haven't done that for ages, and that tends to be the key to mounting.

so took the mounting block in there as well

did a fair amount of circles, stand, back up, come forward and the like.

half way through she decided she might try it on ... failed.

so the end of the session was to stand at the mounting block with me standing on the top step of it (bearing in mind, not tacked up etc, this is just for practice)

first time, she moved - so got circled away again both directions

second time - she stood perfectly still and let me rub my hands along her back etc

so that was the end of the session.

more of that as well i think! and that's a good place to do that, and in due course will probably be a good place to mount generally.

and in the meantime, the new wood pellets i'd ordered had arrived this morning so she has a nice new bed down .. was on shavings all winter but i do prefer the pellets!..