Monday, March 29, 2010

no gas...

the new boiler is in place, not booted up yet... but when i went to start cooking tea, no gas, so i rang up to see why not...he thought there was a very minor leak, possibly from round the cooker... and thinking about it, he's probably right as i regularly double check to see if i have left something on due to a very faint whiff of gas that i think i have imagined. clearly i haven't imagined it!

so went to the chippy

in the meantime - who ordered this rain? euch. so long as we don't get the forecast snow tomorrow!


Danni said...

Hope you get that leak fixed. We'd had one like that for YEARS and were told time and again there was nothing wrong till one engineer found a leak in some valve or other. Scary really!

Chippy tea on a horrid night sounds perfect :)

Jean said...

They put a "smell" into the gas so you can detect it if there is a leak. Sounds like something that should be fixed ASAP.

Glad you have the new heating system ready to go, however. It makes me feel warmer just thinking about it.

trudi said...

Hope it's soon fixed up. Rain!! Yep we've got it back too :-(