Sunday, March 21, 2010

calm down dear...

in the tone of voice used by michael winner in that dreadful advert...

Gaynor took Charlie out for a ride, and i was going in the field to do some ground work.

She woul d have calmed down quicker had she not also spotted the horses being taken out of the field across the river!

i ended up walking her in hand round the field several times; then she was calmer. then we had some liberty - took the halter off, and she followed me, stopped when i stopped, walked on when i walked, turned when i turned .. i was well impressed with that!

so since she'd calmed down a fair bit i put the halter back on and did some rope circling - plan had been to try the standing at the mounting block/lean over again, but then i realised she'd heard charlie coming back (couldn't see him but knew!) so i concentrated on ensuring she stayed listening to me despite having half an ear cocked for him! and she did, even though he was getting closer and closer ...she wanted to but didn't.

so overall i was pleased.

the thing on her back is healing but needs some fresh air, and it's still not right to leave her rugless i don't think ... might be if she was back in harbour house (warm corner stable) but not where she is, yet.


Jean said...

It's good for Molly to work through distractions like that. Once more, each effort you make with her is showing progress.

Hope that sore spot heals up so you can get some riding in.

Danni said...

You must have been really pleased at how attentive she was despite all those distractions :)

What has caused her sore spot?