Thursday, March 18, 2010

more work in the field

with the mounting block to finish

she was a shade sluggish, but didn't challenge like she did the other day.

and at the end when i was standing on the top of the mounting block, she didn't move a muscle and i was able to lean over her.. would have been able to do that better if i'd placed her a shade nearer the block, but since i had my jacket under it and slightly poking out, and hadn't trouble to rearrange that, i was pleased... a lot of horses would have spooked for that one!

in case you're wondering, i still can't put saddle on as she still has a very residual place where that heat spot was ...

as soon as i can, of course, i will!

that was after a slightly worrying day....

nessie kitten went out with me this morning when i went to hang the washing out .. vanished under the gate into the graveyard .. and vanished nowhere to be seen....

thank goodness reappeared about 15.40 or thereabouts, just after I'd finished walking all round the area shouting for her and looking for her ... having gone out the graveyard side, came back the other and went back through to the front garden for one last look, and she reappeared!

i reckon she'd got herself shut in somewhere and has just been able to get back

then when i went to get the washing back in this evening, she had a great time scooting round, in and out of the garden, i could hear by the bird calls where she was.. then climbed the tree and terrified herself on a twig!

in the meantime, it had been Avril's funeral today - the place was so full it was standing room only at the back, and a lovely pic of her on her horse Dylan playing horseball on the front of the programme. a Humanist service, which was nice, well taken by the officiant


Jean said...

Sounds like a beautiful memorial for Avril.

My kitties do not go out at all. I would be terrified if one of them disappeared like that. Glad Nessie came back safe and sound. Wonder if she will be more wary climbing trees from now on? (Not likely. She is a cat..."adventure" is my middle name.)

Di said...

I worry about our 'kittens' too!! They're not kittens now, of course, they're nearly 2, but I worry ,nonetheless. I'm so glad Nessie came back safe and sound!!