Wednesday, March 10, 2010


trimmer & I realised we should have taken before pics, to show the improvement to now...

her feet are looking hugely improved.

defined walls.

much less difference between the asymmetrical front feet

the incipient crack in the left front (which was, i am told, developing because of the asymmetry and the fact that one side is higher than the other) is now under control and the new hoof growing down is showing no sign of that.

the heels are more to the floor allowing the frog to contact more and that will firm up more.

altogether good.

and the weather? minus 4 this morning, hard frost; very warm by the afternoon .. now how can you rug right for that?


Danni said...

Great news! Extreme temperatures are a pain but it won't be for long :)

Jean said...

Figuring out just what "clothes" to dress the kids in this time of year is almost impossible. Cold in the morning and hot by afternoon.

My Boys are in lighterweight sheets for now. So far, they don't seem to be cold at night.