Friday, November 21, 2008


sorry about the lack of post last night, the internet wasn't playing.

and tonight, i left my lap top in the office.

the innards are improving slowly..... even felt hungry yesterday, which (despite eating a substantial dinner) i hadn't felt the night before. odd that.

Molly had her vaccinations today - apparently the vet didn't get there until 17.30, which is pretty late!


cptrayes said...

Which Legh Arms Claire, there are a hundred of them :-) ??


Jean said...

Glad you are feeling better. Was it a bug you caught or something you ate? Being sick is bad enough, but stomach problems have to rank among the worst. Keep on feeling better.

Claire said...

jean, it was something I ate - seeded buns, as I said last week - and I have diverticulitis, which is why they were a mistake...

Caroline - the one at Adlington at the traffic lights.