Tuesday, November 18, 2008


d I was in agony this morning, so gave up and made an apoinment with a local doctor - quite impressed, rang just after 0830, appointment for 1010, and i went early and was seen early. mega good. really nice young doctor. listened to me. listened to the rest of me (stethoscope!) wrote a prescription and i came home = well, back to the flat - via the chemist...

hopefully i'll be improved/not be in such pain by the moring.


2 strawberry yoghurts.

1 banana, ripe

2 sliced of toast & cheese (late on)

3 glasses of prescription gloop

several cups of tea..

hungry? no. and some actimel to drink as well. my thinking being that yoghurts/probiotics of whatever sort are called for, in addition to the prescription stuff which i've had before and works.

and partner bought eh applechaff.


cptrayes said...

Would the applechaff work for you Claire :-) ??


Jean said...

Yogurt is always good, especially iif it has live cultures.

Ginger ale can help too. Just make sure you keep hydrated. You need fluids in your system.

Hope you feel better soon. Good to hear you had a nice doctor.