Monday, November 24, 2008

last week

in wilmslow

i'm quite down, really, understandably given that it's back to the dole next week (hopefully not for long). but i won't be sorry to see the back of this flat. a fridge it was last night (and the inside of the freezer section of the fridge reminds me why mine is a self defrosting job...)


Jean said...

Keep your spirits up. There must be a job somewhere for a good lawyer.

Meanwhile, being warm when you are unemployed is a lot better than freezing. (And that nice hot bath won't be too bad either!)

Stephanie said...

Good things will come soon hopefully.

In the meantime you get to go home, soak in that lovely new bath and play with Molly again.

cptrayes said...

I hope you can enjoy spending more time with Molly, Claire, it's probably the only positive of being back on the dole just before Christmas. Keep your pecker up.