Monday, May 24, 2010

rescuing lambs

there well not me personally - but it was me that became aware that there was a lamb in the river (or at least, so far down the bank that it was not going to get up again, and it couldn't be seen!) Walking along to molly's field to check her over, noticed a sheep with a very small lamb bawling it's head off; response from below bank, it seemed ... odd... as i roounded the bend i looked back and couldn't see anything; thought i may have been hearing things. anyway, Molly and charlie both ok, fed molly (outside the gate, LOL) got some more water, went back. sheep still there. still bawling. lamb still responding. went to place where you can walk down to a beach and looked back (nearly back to stables at this point) but still couldn't see anything. but by this time i was convinced there WAS a lamb in the river. sheep ran towards edge, still bawling. so rang YM. she later rang me, to say i was right. new born lamb had fallen down, had been in river, was on very narrow ledge, duly rescued, happy sheep.

so that was my good deed for the day.

couldn't get molly in as gaynor's OH out at work till who knows what time...hopefully, tomorrow!

came home and set hose to putting more water in pond. Nessie brave and came out to that side of the house, she has been very dubious about that in the past, as a result:


Jean said...

Three cheers for the lamb rescue! And Nessie looks absolutely adorable. That is one great picture. *S*

Di said...

Well done you! Nessie looks gorgeous!

Danni said...

Doesn't Nessie look elegant?! And well done :D