Monday, May 31, 2010

metronomic canter

on the lunge, yet! very impressed with that i was, as it's a pace i've always had trouble getting her to do on the lunge at all, AND it was good both reins!

So, shows she's becoming much more balanced, as she was quite happy to just continue on in canter, which she hasn't been keen on before at all... i'm doing something right somewhere! shame it's taken me so long, LOL...

this wasn't the original plan, of course, but we couldn't ride out as Gaynor had no child care as her OH had gone to band practice that we hadn't known about, so youngster sat in buggy and watched us work horses, and then came with us when we turned them out - how to despook your horse to a buggy!

particularly impressed when said buggy lost its balance in a rut - charlie didn't spook, and infant didn't protest at all, and molly (we were ahead) didn't notice.

so we were all done by noon

and i've just overcooked the baguette i was going to have for lunch as i was so engrossed in book i was finished i didn't notice the timer go off.... this is the woman who can sleep through house alarm going off, LOL

and it's a lovely day, after the naff weather yesterday...


trudi said...

Oh send us the nice weather, pretty please.
Sounds great work on the lunge, good stuff Claire.

Jean said...

What good news! Molly's canter has been such a problem for you. Now all you need to do is add yourself as the rider and you're set to go!

Baby buggy despooking can be a valuable the presence of baby buggies. But they do show up at competitions too, so it's not a bad idea.

bellecroix said...

This dosn't sound right......UK good weather...France raining cats & dogs LOL....well done with the lunging

Mary Lou said...

naff - ooh, I like that word!

You must be very pleased with Molly's work at the canter.

Danni said...

Sounds like real progress is being made Claire!

Likewise am glad for a better day today, weatherwise.