Saturday, May 29, 2010

a really good day!

And we missed the rain hurray - saw your post, mary lou, you were very nearly right!

First up, got some washign on the line (it's still there, soaked...)

then got horses in

then went in to durham with Gaynor and her mother - went our separate ways and on my way round spotted a good deal on a smart phone - 5 hours talk time, unlimited web, texts and emails for £15 pcm.

Then back to stables and we went for a hack, gaynor and I.

had a really good ride - set off up the road, trotted them up the hill; then turn right and along to the harbour house drive; through a couple of gates and down a field hill; through another gate to the back drive that goes to the ford; round the 20 acre (remember the joys i've had NOT riding round there on my own? then instead of going back up the hill to harbour house and up to the park, we carried on along the river, through the bluebell wood - and so to the horse's field. let them off there, filled up the water buckets and then of course had to carry our tack back. that was a bit of a struggle, and i dropped my girth and had to go back for it....

then in to gaynor's for a well earned cuppa; she and her mother had had a burger whilst i was wrestling with trying to get through to the people i had my current phone from ... i was still unfed, but copoing..;

anyway, it started raining AFTER we got in the house, hurray!

then 40 minutes on hold to get through to the hpone people to cancel my mobile bundle with them and get the code to port my number to the new phone, then back into durham to get new phone (currently on charge downstairs)

THEN to shops...finally back to village about 6 pm, and decided to get a pizza from the takeaway as i was by then totally starving and couldn't be bothered to start cooking...

have just come upstairs to discover some feathers and dead bird remains on the landing, looks like nessie kitten has now fully grown up, that'll be fun!

and i need to find out how to synchronise phone with pc for contacts etc, as new phone does not appear to have software in the box!

so, we both thoroughly enjoyed our day, first day gaynor has had to herself totally for ages!

plan for tomorrow, get them in a.m, leave them whilst gaynor watches the grand prix and i do something else, then hopefully (weather permitting) ride later.


Mary Lou said...

Phew! Now that was a post in the tradition of "stream of consciousness". Sounds like a full and satisfying day and a really fun hack. Starting around 11 or so we had rain all day, and are still having some showers. But we really needed the rain. You probably don't!

Jean said...

That was quite some busy day! I do like the riding part in the middle, though. Sounds like quite a lovely trek for Molly and you. What a good girl she was.

Good luck with the phone. Hope it works out well.