Wednesday, May 05, 2010

rein back bitless

granted only a step, but still ... didn't seriously expect to get it and was stunned when i did!

You'll gather that i rode. Took her over to the arena and she was very calm, no grief about mounting

took a good while to settle though and didn't get sensible trot for about 1/2 hour (attempts interspersed with a lot of walk circles and serpentines) .. partly me, getting used to the bitless again, partly her, not sure which

but eventually got some really nice trot, not heavy which she often is...

overall pleased

Charlie wasn't, as usual could hear him shouting!

and Jean .. our back lane is a dead end, nothing comes past... but whichever way a cat goes out, it's not too far to a road so they take their chances...not like yours though

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Jean said...

Ok, whew, about the back lane. The road with traffic scares me terribly and around here there is no "back lane," just onrushing traffic every few minutes.

My kitties stay in the house 24/7. I do now seem to have four different strays. Patches has been here a while, so has Mommycat. But the other day I saw a new dark colored cat, and the other afternoon encountered a light gray cat coming out of the carport where the food is. I worry about the little guys, but all I can do for them is keep the food dishes supplied.

Good progress with Molly as far as the mounting issues go. And the reinback step is a good start. Glad to hear she settled so nicely for you, even if it did take a little while.