Thursday, May 20, 2010

in for the weekend...

gaynor rang this afternoon and suggested we bring them in and keep them in until sunday, so we can in fact do something Friday and Sunday (I'm going to a wedding saturday, and nessie has to go back to the vets as well). i thought, that's a plan, so thats what we did.

when we got them in, they really didn't want to move, and were far to tired and full to be asked to do anything. it is VERY hot in that field. and they had hardly touched the water ... i suppose it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that they'd been down to the river itself, but most unlikely...and molly had a good drink when she came in

so they both got really good grooms, washed between the legs and under the belly which they both were pleased with, and left with hay which they probably won't eat. my best guess they'll do a lot of sleeping, LOL


Di said...

It sounds like they're really enjoying that field. Pity it's such a pain for you!

Jean said...

Sounds like you did a lot of work! Leaving them in the barn is a good idea.

The water thing is a worry. If they are not drinking when they are out in the field, that's not good. Glad they are tucked in now with all the amenities....and nice beds to nap in. *G*

trudi said...

Ours are always shattered when they move onto new much to eat and so little time to eat it LOL.
Ours don't drink much at the moment as I'm guessing the grass has a fair bit of moisture still.