Sunday, May 02, 2010


but at least it stayed dry until after dark (not that we want it to, necessarily, as the ground is bone dry but still...)

Longlined round the park and had some interesting debates on direction ...and she really doesn't like going down really steep bits!

then she deigned to do some nice trot on the lines before we went back in... and i turned her out again.

but then she blotted her copy book in the rush to get in - granted quite late, and granted Gaynor got her OH to do it.. but there was no need to stand on his foot and draw blood!

he had caterpillar boots on, so that doesn't say much for them as safety footwear!

and considering she hasn't got shoes on ...

Gaynor texted me a pic of the damage - NOT nice!


bellecroix said...


Jean said...

Ouch! Shoe or no shoe, a horse weighs far too much to step on a human foot and not leave some damage. Hope he feels better soon.

Mary Lou said...

We don't step on their feet!

trudi said...

oh dear Molly!

Danni said...

Naughty Molly, hope Gaynor's OH is none the worse for wear.