Wednesday, July 15, 2009


is the differential diagnosis of choice.

interestingly, the farrier turned up to do another horse whilst i was waiting, so i was telling him, and he thought that, on the grounds that molly doesn't have the feet she would have for navicular syndrome....

so, booked him for the day after i come back from holiday, as Molly will be about due.

I'm to get cortaflex (that's easy).

the real question is whether this can be managed barefoot, or whether i'll have to shoe in front.. and if so with what?

anyway, she got a good lunging whilst we were working it out!


Jean said...

Ringbone. Depends. High or low and just how Molly reacts to the Cortaflex. (Good stuff. My vet recommends it.) Usually, in its early stages, horses tend to warm up out of it. How lame they become eventually all depends on how and if it progresses.

You may have to shoe her to keep her feet from wearing too unevenly. If your farrier is good, he will know what to do. The idea is to get the hoof well balanced with a short toe to speed the breakover and take strain off the joint.

Shock wave therapy can help, according to one article I read, if the ringbone is caught early.

My PJ had ringbone. He was base narrow and tended to put more pressure on the outside of his front feet and that's where the ringbone settled in. I had him injected several times, but the last time there was marginal improvment. However, he was pasture sound so he lived a pretty good life anyhow.

You are dealing with a bony arthritis, so any thing you can do to help that is the key. Also, horses with ringbone are generally better with lots of turnout, as the exercise tends to help the joints stay flexible.

There is lots of good information on the Internet so a search is worth your time.

Kate said...

I have an old horse with high ringbone, and it hasn't affected him, but I believe low ringbone is different - that's the limit of my knowledge - good luck with all that - Jean's advice sounds excellent.

Danni said...

I don't know much about ringbone but I hope that she is only very mildly affected :(

Quadi's first and second remedial shoeing was with Natural Balance shoes in front, they're great if you have to have something on those front hooves :)

I'm glad you have an answer to some of the issues you've had recently.