Friday, July 03, 2009

more rain...

which i wasn't expecting today, but it started torrentially at about 1, stopped for about an hour mid afternoon then started again...

in the meantime, therefore, some pictures and video (the video of the lunge lesson is still proving working on it but am having to try and change format to be able to post it..)

They were all take on the mobile phone camera

the first pic and the video show how relaxed she is for her massage .. she loves this!

the rest on various days.

i think she looks rather well in this one - i'd just turned her out again and she's looking for her friends

the other chestnut here is not yet 3! as you can tell, going to be massive!

and this was this afternoon; they've been moved into this field for the weekend whilst the geldings get moved into the field the mares were in (the mares then go where the geldings have been..). one of the estate workers can just be seen in the background...he'd been set the task of chopping down all the thistles and digging up any ragwort found.

this is just below molly's stable door so if they stay there all weekend she might be a shade more chilled than usual ... although, perhaps not. more likely to be more keen to see where her friends are

apparently at least one mare is returning this weekend, so hopefully we'll have increased numbers in the field by next week, which will make life easier (i hope!)


Di said...

Lovely pics Claire, love the lip wobble on the vid!!

Danni said...

Fab pics, she's looking great!

Can't view the vid at the moment but glad she's enjoying her massages:D

Hope the increase in herd number helps you out.

Mary Lou said...

Wow, I can't believe the quality of the pics taken on a phone. Love the lip

Jean said...

Cute lip flip. Now if we could only get them all that soft to the bit! Massage while we ride?

Great pictures of the little herd. No wonder Molly is so attached. They look totally content together.

Claire said...

marylou, the phone vid is only really effective close up ...had to delete a load of ducklings (in the yard!) for being out of focus and unrecognisable, and one of the mares haring around for the same reason...but it is 3.2 megapixels

and thanks, all, she does look good!