Thursday, July 09, 2009

big green ball....

Anyway, Molly had had a brain change, or had made up with me whatevert it was, or something...I had no trouble at all catching her, and she came straight down to the gate. that's the first time she hasn't protested one way or another since we moved to Blackdene in, when was it, April?

So that was a good start.

And she was very calm, for a change, in the stable.

She has what i think is rain scald - unsurprising given all the rain! - and it has com eup under where the saddle flaps and my legs would go ... so it was probably brewing on Tuesday and i should not have ridden then...

anyway, lady on the yard has a big green ball and i asked if i could borrow it, for something different to do. (that's her website, BTB, some good stuff)

took it to the arena and left it in the middle, went back for Molly .. time i got back to the arena there was a friesian being ridden round the arena and the ball was outside by the gate... molly not impressed by that, and i not impressed either .. we have no booking system, the people had come down from the other yard where they have an indoor arena... no comment!

so had to take her back over for a while (at which point i realised i'd locked myself out of my tackroom!)

anyway, eventually was able to go back over, the ball had been put back in the arena but only just inside, so a spook as we went in was in order.

after that, i was able to persuade her to touch it, and then i let her off to see what she would do .. wander round the other end, was the answer.

i moved it innto the middle and she wasn't bothered; led her up to it and she was fine, let her go off again and moved it, she trotted...

led her up to it, and round it, with her nearer it than me .. fine...

move it? opps.

so led her back and click/treated until she'd touched it, and had her touch it a few times, then stopped for the day.

happily, other person who shares my tack room came with key to let me in!

i shall keep an eye on the rain scald .. not had that before .. a few have it ... if it's not rain scald, it's something about the field that they're in ...


Jean said...

Sounds like the kind of thing PJ used to get some summers. Rain and bugs, I always figured. Usually, if I washed it with medicated soap it would go away. But, at least twice, the weather kept raining, and I had to treat it more aggressively. As I recall, one time I got some Azium from the vet. Then, we found out that Captan, a garden fugicide worked really well. BUT, since then Captan has been pulled from the market around here as being carcinogenic. Now I have some horse fungus stuff...Eqyss fungus spray. Haven't needed it, but that's what I'd use. A medicated shampoo and then that spray.

The ball sounds like a good idea. Chance would have played with it, I think. Tucker would have shied along with Toby. But, usually, both of them would eventually approach it. Then Tuck might play a little and Toby would just walk away ignoring it. However, if I were riding him, Tucker would probably repeatedly spook at it. Go figure.

Danni said...

Straight to the gate? I would have been wondering what she wanted *lol* Glad to hear it whatever her reasons :)

Shame you had to delay your game of footie but it sounds fun :)