Thursday, July 02, 2009

interrupted (again...)

2nd post with this title.

can't remember what it was last time, would have to go look. this time, it was partner ringing up because she couldn't find something on the computer, in the middle of walk/trot/walk transitions to get Molly balanced and with me, the plan being for changes of rein as well.

guess what.

we lost the plot after that....

she didnt' want to stand still whilst i took the call .. fair enough, it meant the flies settled .. and did a really nice relaxed forward walk round the arena whilst i was talking .. think it was about 3 times round EEK ... but couldn't get it back after that.

lesson? don't answer the phone. but i like to have it with me in case of need, of course!

but i think i was not losing the reins as much as i have been


Jean said...

Maybe if you shut the phone off when you ride. In case of emergency you can always turn it on. That way you won't get interrupted unless you want to be.

I will probably be dressing my Boys in the Bug Armor in a day or so as the flies are starting to get busy around here. So far they haven't been bad...except in the woods where the armor worked a treat.

At least Molly gave you a good walk, even though you didn't restore the work ethic entirely after the conversation.

Jean said...

EBay has an HKM ride-on fly rug for sale in the UK. All you need to add is a fly bonnet and Molly will be a happy camper.