Friday, July 31, 2009

farrier arrived...

hurray! said, normal trim, and did just that.

so I will start working molly again tomorrow, weather permitting.

need to go to shop for glucosamine and think i might get some devil's claw as well.

Molly is in season - horrid! had to do leg washing yesterday whilst waiting for tooth person to arrive, and probably will need to again tomorrow.

the mares went in new field - right outside her stable! - today, and will be there for 2 months apparently, then back to the other one we've just left. not sure it wouldn't have been better to leave them where they were for the next 2 months and then put them in the front next to stable field for the winter, but we'll see.

one thing is for certain, I shall have to keep a VERY close eye on the legs for the mud fever/whatever it is... she was showing signs of that again yesterday as well. that would be a nightmare, as she won't want to stay in this stable 24/7, that IS for sure.

This week hasn't gone as planned, what with farrier having to cancel on Wednesday, as i didn't want to do anything until he'd seen her as well. and of course all these appointments were afternoon jobs so taking time out of the working day, so not quite caught up from being away. but almost! all the post is done anyway

hopefully, back to routine after today.

and nearly moved her again! my friend is renting house on the estate, and there are 2 stables next to it that were, until last weekend, occupied .. but the occupiers have gone and she was offered them, much more convenient for her. she thought of me second, and i would have taken molly down there... nice flat paddock, no mud (considering the wear flooded it 2 weeks ago, it's bone dry now!), just the 2 of us, and friend woudl do morning turnout/evening fetch in given it's right next to her house. but the person she first thought of decided to take her up on that opportunity...

for me the only disadvantages to it would have been no arena with lights,,and no 24/7 turnout due to small size of field but the field is VERY flat, and 1 minutes walk to an arena anyway, and could have lived without 24/7 turnout if i didn't have to go twice a day.

in the meantime, i'm waiting for a box to come free in the inner courtyard of the yard i'm on .. something happened whilst i'm away that makes it look as though i might have missed my chance for a while, which is somewhat annoying! just before my hols a horse was sold off the yard and a box came free but still facing the field, YM offered me it but i said i'd wait until yard came free .. i shoudl have taken that, and then done swop that i didn't know would be available to get the box i wanted, as that is what someone else has done. drat.


trudi said...

I'm looking for glucosamine too, Lucinda reckoned Boots? Lots online but you hear stories of suspect quality.

Jean said...

Oh, phoo...about the stabling situation. I'm sure something will work out to your advantage, eventually.

The other stable with your friend has advantages and disadvantages. I think you do need the arena lights, though. It'a always so hard decided about places to board your horse. There are always problems to consider in every place you go.

I agree about the closer field making more sense for the winter. Any way to talk to management to see if they might reconsider? That walk on the hill is not something to look forward to in the winter.

Claire said...

it's not so much the hill (bad enough) it's the mud on the other side of the stream that's the real issue. the fields themselves drain, but going down and then up the other side we cross a stream and of course al the water collects down there... apparently it can get quite deep in the winter, and consequentially slippy.

we'll see.