Friday, July 10, 2009

30 minutes

to get her from the top of the field to the bottom ... a 1 minute walk, probably? i stand at the end of the lead rope .. eventually she moves to me.. and so on, for half the distance .. then she consented to walk on properly and follow me. duh.

the rash. could it be buttercups? scabbing, anyway, in places! so didn't ride as she's not wholly happy about the areas being touched. in fact, by the time i'd wasted 1/2 hour talking to lisa as well, then gave her her massage (another 1/2 hour!) i decided not to do anything with her as it was getting on by then.. turned her out, came back and realised baaad mummy had forgotten to do her tea!

she's clearly short of something, though, as she used both licks (one horselyx, one himalayan salt lick) neither of which she's touched for a while, so that'a s good sign in one way (that is, that she knows she needs whatever it is and helped herself!).

oh, and if it's buttercups ... there are sheep on the estate, but whether the estate would put them on the horse fields to get rid of the buttercups i don't know..


Danni said...

You are so patient!

I know buttercups can cause a rash on the nose where the horses graze amongst them. I hope her skin is starting to heal, whatever is wrong with it.

trudi said...

What Danni said, lol, you're definitely more patient than I would be.
Hope the scabs heal soon.

Claire said...

well i have to say i'm totally pissed off with her, but that won't get me anywhere!

and yes, there are scabs on the nose as well!

Di said...

It's hard to find a balance between firmness and understanding, isn't it.
I'm finding that with Anky, the fact that she's not totally on top form may be clouding my judgement slightly. :-)