Wednesday, June 16, 2010

yesterday's post!

was composed in my head - but it ws't until i'd switched off pc and was nearly into bed i realised i hadn't actually typed it!

So, to yesterday...

Gaynor rang early afternoon to say she had a child free 2 hours from about 4.30 ... so we went and got the horses in to give them time to digest their grass before then!

managed to get out for a hack ... went up to harbour house through the park, which was full of shorn sheep (very disconcerting for molly, who didn't quite see that they were exactly the same as the sheep she'd seen yesterday unshorn!) and followed by a lost car! which we had to put right, he was well off where he shoudl have been!

got to HH, thought we'd have gone through the yard for a 10 minute play in that arena - but yard fenced off, more sheep shearing.

horses VERY good despite the noises off (baa ing sheep, and shearing!) that they could hear but not see.

so along back drive and round 20 acre.

bear in mind that most of the way i was carrying Gaynor's whip (mislaid my short one, molly all over, and head tossing) and all way round 20 acre more head tossing... calmed down as we got to the gate at the end and then .... drum roll .... stayed put and let ME open the gate. immediately set her jaw to rush through it, but hey, at least it was me opened it!

then carried on straight along the riverside (a shade slippy) to their field, where we left them...and carried our tack home

so why the head tossing etc? who knows. i put the drop myler in, rather than the combi, i suppose that might have been relevant, but who knows! not the same horse that marched happily out last saturday! but at least we managed to ride midweek! Unlikely to be able to do so again until Sunday, i think... not totally sure but think that's the case..


Mary Lou said...

If there is one thing British horses should be used to it is sheep! Baaaa

Jean said...

Another success-especially with all the sheep distractions. Glad you are getting some nice rides in, even if she does toss her head...who knows why? *sigh*