Sunday, June 13, 2010

rained all day again

so that put paid to any plans - TBF, the forecast did SAY it would rain, but we can live in hope, can't we?

we chose a dry moment to go along to see them - didn't take the fly repellent as thought they'd be too wet and wouldn't be any flies - wrong! they'd been under the trees, so were relatively dry ... ah well. i said, for future, we take the FR whatever the weather! (2 weeks to go...)

oh, and i shall have a better stable at the new yard than had originally been planned. originally was going to be put in one of a set of 4 - mini barn type arrangement - when i viewed, 2 horses on shavings, 2 empty boxes.

went back yesterday - one empty box filled with straw for another new arrival's horse .. molly can't hack straw, she'll get COPD ..(as we discovered first time she was in a barn, when i first moved to Harbour House a few years ago..) YO was there ... discussed this problem - so instead of that stable, i get one larger, with a huge overhang in front under which to store my hay/stuff - not in a mini or any other type barn! result.

1 comment:

Jean said...

Good news indeed. Sounds as if you will be well set up in the new place.

Climate change? Whatever. We are turning into the tropics here--complete with rainforest. *sigh*

Wishing you some dry days.