Wednesday, June 02, 2010

cold to hot

hot tonight! wouldn't think it was the same week as yesterday...

but gaynor had to take her mother, and mother's cat, to the vet - cat didn't return.

and if we were going to do anything, we should have had them in around lunchtime...

so i went out on my own, with molly's painkiller in a small amount of feed - interesting, she loves this stuff (pure horse feeds pure easy) .. even if she's in , and no way interested in her hay, she loves this.

they both came trotting over as soon as they heard my voice (are they sick of the grass? LOL) so molly was taken out of the field to have her tea with supplement, and they both got fly sprayed, and then i filled water buckets - that's a strain, up a steepish hill from the river.

anyway, some pics.

this is a cone growing - we're so used to seeing them brown and dry, not common to spot them fresh and young - and an interesting shade of pinky red..

this you can see the clouds of midges over the river

and a reflection in the river ... molly was immediately behind me eating!

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